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I have a few freebies on my blog. More to come soon. Free free to use them. They are for Personal Use only/Non-Commercial Use allowed. Please do not share in groups or claim as your own. All I ask is that you direct people to my blog to download. I hope that you enjoy the goodies I have and hope to make some more when I find time.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013
I used Timeline Template #47 from Millie's Madness HERE, along with the beautiful artwork that you can only get exclusively at The PSP Project. It is called "The Pinup" from KiwiFireStorm. I used Irish Princess Designs adorable scrapkit designed for this tube and named "The Pinup" to match the tube. It is only being sold at The PSP Project HERE. It has 10 papers and 60 elements and was really a fun and girly girl type kit to play with.

Here is what I came up with.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
I created this tag using the beautiful exclusive tube by KiwiFireStorm called "The Pinup" which can only be purchased at The PSP Project. Also, added an exclusive only to The PSP Project, scrap by Irish Princess Designs called "The Pinup" which was a made-to-match this tube exclusively. You can get this gorgeous kit HERE. It has 10 beautiful papers and 60 elements to play with, you won't be sorry!

Click my tag to see full sized and to see the animation.

Sunday, October 27, 2013
Made this for a Halloween contest at Creative Misfits and liked out it came out, so thought I would post on my blog. I used a beautiful prepaid exclusive called Wednesday from PFD along with a made-to-match scrapkit from Veertje called Wednesday which you can purchase here at PFD or at her store Hania's Design..

Click my image to see full sized and to see the animation.

Monday, October 14, 2013
Using one of the adorable Exclusive witches from Rivus Dea from PFD, I created this tag using the "Little Witch" scrapkit from Irish Princess Designs. You can purchase this kit at Scrap Candy. I also used Template 365 from Millie's Madness (see sidebar for link). 

Click my image to see what I've created with it!

Friday, October 11, 2013
I've used Chichi Designz beautiful Halloween kit. I only used her part of the collab; if you bought 2 scrapkits at CDO you got the Halloween Collab 2013 free. To see other kits that Cindy sells, go to her blog Chichi Designz. Used an adorable little limited edition tube of Maryline Cazenave's on this one.

Click my tag to see full sized.

Sunday, October 6, 2013
I entered a contest at SATC and used the wonderful Halloween tube of Christene Kotlark called "Charmed". I actually won this tube but unfortunately after SATC closed, Christene decided to not sell her artwork anymore. I used animations by Scrappy Bit of Fun, again see my sidebar...can't say enough about her animations!

Click my image to see full sized and to see the animation.

I did a word art challenge in the group I'm in "Creative Misfits", see my sidebar for link information and used this adorable zombie tube from Fumiko Barrows. He used to sell his artwork at DSI but they are no selling tubes and I have no idea if he even sells his tubes anymore. Here is a link to his deviant art page tho Fumiko Barrows.

Click my image to see full sized.

Saturday, October 5, 2013
I created this using the beautiful artwork of PinUp Toons. I purchased it when he sold at CILM..you may purchase the same artwork at CDO. I've used Chichi Designz beautiful Halloween kit. I only used her part of the collab; if you bought 2 scrapkits at CDO you got the Halloween Collab 2013 free. To see other kits that Cindy sells, go to her blog Chichi Designz.

Click my image to see full sized and to see the animation.

Tube of Choice: I am using the beautiful tube of José which was a prepaid at SATC
Kit of Choice: I used: BCA by Disturbed Scraps which you can get at SATC
Animation I chose: BCA Roses by SophistSimone which you can get at SATC
Mask of Choice: I used WSL Mask 130
Font of Choice: I used Mr. Kenningbeck which is a PTU one

Ok...let's begin now ... Don't forget to save often!!

Open up psp and start a new image 800x800 white, 72 resolution, you can resize later.
Open up paper 8, edit, copy, go back to your blank image and edit paste as new layer. Go to layers, load mask from disk, find your mask, make sure the following has tick marks in it: source luminance, fit to canvas and hide all mask, then click load.Then right click on the black layer and click merge group. Your mask layer is done. Now to get the elements ready. Open up element 125, edit, copy and paste as a new layer, then rotate left 90 degrees and apply a drop shadow of choice. Now open up your tube and resize the way you want it to look and then duplicate it. Put one copy above the frame and one below the frame. Grab your free hand tool and select around the frame until it is all selected and highlighted. Make sure you are on the frame layer, then click on selections invert, go to the tube underneath the frame and click delete, then selections none. Now go to the tube layer above the frame and I usually just use my eraser tool and erase the bottom part of the frame. Now it should look like she is inside the frame and her head is out the top part.

Grab the following elements and resize as I have marked, add a drop shadow of choice:

Element 71 - No resizing
Element 65 - No resizing
Element 93 - 50%
Element 70 - 40%
Element 45 - 50%
Element 42 - 25%
Element 112 - 25%
Element 69 - 40%
Element 01 - 25%

Now that you have them resized we can put them on the tag, copy and paste as new layer the element 71 and paste it underneath the mask layer. Arrange it like mine. Now duplicate it and image flip, mirror and arrange it at the top like mine. Now above your top tube layer you want to copy, paste as new layer element 65, above that element 93, above that element 70, above 70 is element 45, above 45 is element 42, above 42 is element 112, above 112 is element 69, above 69 is element 1, above element 1 you want to place your copywrite information. Now all the layers are in the correct layer format. Now we are ready to be animating...  Ready . . . Set . . . Go . . .

Now copy and paste Element 001 into Animation Shop, now go under Effects, Image Effect and use the following setting: Make sure animation frame is ticked, effect length 1.8 sec, franes per second 11 fps, from the drop down menu choose "compress", then click ok. You will now have 20 frames, go and delete the first frame and minimize this animation for now in your window.

Go back to psp and close off all the layers. Now open just the following layers:
The white background, both element 71 layers, mask layer, both tube layers, frame layer and element 65 then copy merged, go to AS and paste as new animation. Now for this tutorial I opened up my BCA rose animation which was 19 frames and I selected all and rotated left 90 degrees. I then duplicated my image that I pasted over to have a total of 19 frames. Then I selected all the frames (Control A) so they were highlighed in blue and propagate paste the animation frames into my image files where I wanted it to be. Make sure you are on Frame 1 before you paste! Click view animation and it should be in all frames. Now do the same with the butterfly animation we made and put it in where I have mine on frame to the left. Don't forget to be saving in AS as well. I will save in MNG format in AS first as it gives better optimation and then resave in GIF format. Just a personal preference but it makes it look nicer!

Now back to PSP, close off the layers you had open, and open up these layers now:
Element 93 and Element 70, Copy Merged and take back to AS and propagate as before into all frames and place as I have mine (see above tag for reference), Then go back to psp and hide these layers, and open up these layers next: Element 45, 42, 112, 69, Copy Merged and take back to AS ad propagate as before into all frames and place as I have mine. Now all you need to do is go back to PSP and grab you copywrite layer and do the same with it and paste the same way back into AS. Just add your name and you tag is now complete!

View animation ~ Volila ~ All done!

Thank you for trying my tutorial!


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